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TipTop Technologies has built a one-of-a-kind, robust, widely-applicable, data and industry-agnostic, proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform, MindWave. Unsurprisingly, our platform is these days rapidly becoming the AI platform of choice for a growing number of enterprises all over the world. You can read more about the MindWave AI platform here.

T (Alpha)

Can you dream of a world of such richness that you never again have to worry about what best data exists relevant to any context you are in relevant to your business, what best analysis of this data could be most fruitful, and what best action can be done or should be done in your business on the basis of this analysis? We are sure you now just about can. Well, that is exactly the world that T makes possible. Consequently, T smoothens nearly each aspect of manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retail of goods as well as marketing and sales of services, both offline and online, for all businesses worldwide... read more

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We would like to share with you for no charge a few sample reports for topics and data of direct interest to you. Please mail to us at a short list of topics and also send us web page URLs and/or files with data relevant to you so that we can mail you right back some insight-rich publicaTions. You must state clearly your name, your professional role and your company's name and location in your e-mail. Your e-mail must be sent from your corporate e-mail address. You should now also sign up for T. As a fellow T Drinker, you will independently ReFlecT (to) Grow Your Company. You can also try T first before signing up should you prefer that route. To sign up for T or to try out T first, please go immediately to