TipTop Technologies has built a one-of-a-kind, robust, widely-applicable, data and industry-agnostic, proprietary Artificial Intelligence platform, MindWave. Unsurprisingly, our platform is these days rapidly becoming the AI platform of choice for a growing number of enterprises all over the world. You can read more about the MindWave AI platform here.

TipTop' enterprise solutions are based upon semantic approaches to solving data & content management challenges faced by the finance, marketing & publishing industries. TipTop's semantic-driven products are cost effective, easily scalable, customizable, & applicable to any content type. Beyond customized solutions for the industries listed below, please contact us if you are interesed in self-service api options as well.


Data TIGER (Tiptop Information Gleaning Extraction and Reporting) attacks the challenge of utilizing vast amounts of unstructured information head-on: chewing on each article, document, or Web page of interest, gleaning all useful information from it while filtering out the noise, and digesting this ‘meat’ into a smorgasbord of actionable, self-describing data snippets that captures the gist of the original stories. Applications downstream can be fed this rich diet of filtered, classified and aggregated news and information in different formats, over many different middleware and distribution platforms.

  • Separate the wheat from the chaff, and filter out the uninteresting stuff.
  • Semantically classify and categorize the interesting and valuable information according to the concepts being discussed.
  • Identify if these concepts appear in a positive, negative, or ‘in-between’ light.
  • Be able to learn your scoring system for subjective sentiment by examples.
  • Allow you to search and explore the digested text easily, but also as deeply as you would like.


Are you looking to monitor social media, develop engagement strategies, enhance brand reputation, provide better customer care, sell more products, or gain competitive intelligence?

TipTop offers solutions to help:

  • Targeted Marketing Campaigns: Identify timely keywords & current conversation topics for SEM adwords campaigns. Identify direct leads for products & services though real-time semantic matching. Guide SEO, site copy & marketing pitches though social media conversation trends.
  • Industry Buzz Monitoring: Build customized monitoring dashboards for specific industry news, company buzz & benchmarking.
  • Online Media Brand Tracking: Monitor in-house and external social media accounts & personas, track your & your competitors brand sentiments, and see the reasons behind trends & spikes.
  • Social CRM Monitoring: Track & influence product buzz & manage customer service through a customized dashboard for your company and products


Content-rich sites looking to improve user experience with better search, navigation and discovery can take advantage of TipTop's semantic solutions. TipTop can show the different facets of buzz topics that are being discussed for a certain movie, celebrity, or song from conversations taking place in your forums, comments left by your users on blog articles, or chatter taking place outside your website like on Twitter or Facebook. TipTop dynamically extracts useful information from user-generated content on your site, shows positive and negative snippets, generates sentiment trend charts, and compares across like products by attribute or in aggregate. TipTop helps:

  • Consumers relying on user reviews to make smart purchasing decisions by highlighting the best tips for relevant product attributes.
  • Businesses reduce spending on analyzing and summarizing user reviews for customers.
  • Customers overwhelmed and frustrated by tons of data with sentiment-based summaries and trends.